My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that as a teacher, I am in the classroom to help students reach their fullest potentials. I aim to share my passion for learning with my students so that they too, will love school and learning. I believe that by guiding students in constructing their own learning, creating relationships with every one of my students, and centering instruction around the students and their interests will help me guide my students to their fullest potentials.

 I believe students should have the opportunity to create their own learning.

I believe that students learn best when they can create their own learning or when they can make learning their own. Inquiry is a concept that is very important to me. I believe that students learn best when they are free experiment with their own ideas. I think that it is important for students to explore in their learning. I believe that when students experience and create their own learning, that it means more to them than if they had just been told something by their teacher. I will guide my students in constructing their own knowledge by creating learning opportunities where students are able to engage in inquiry.

I believe that as a teacher I need to create relationships with every student so that in the classroom I am able to be the best teacher I possibly can be for my students.

I believe that to be a successful teacher, one has to have a true passion for working with children as well as genuinely care about the students. I believe that as a teacher, it is important for me to get to know every one of my students and to form relationships with them. By doing this, I aim to make my classroom a place where all students feel like they belong and are safe to be themselves. I believe that by creating relationships with my students, they will feel comfortable enough to share their passions and interests with me so that I as a teacher, can make learning experiences for my students that centre around their interests and needs. I also want to learn along side my students as I guide their learning because I believe that teachers can also learn from their students.

 I believe that instruction should be student centred.

It is important for me to create relationships with my students so that I know what their strengths and needs are. I believe my style of teaching depends entirely on the student that I am teaching. I believe in individualized instruction to teach students with all different learning needs. Lessons that I teach will incorporate all learning styles to ensure that the needs of all students are met. Instruction in my classroom will be centred around the student and their needs as well as their interests. As much as possible, I will try to create learning experiences for my students that are centred around their interests and passions. I believe that when students’ interests are engaged in learning that they are more willing to participate, learn, and even further their knowledge. I believe that engaging students’ interests will enable them to enjoy learning, as well as to hopefully gain the same passion and love for learning that I have.


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