Grade 2 Science, AW 2.1, 2.2- Air and Water

This unit on Air and Water covers the Grade 2 science outcomes AW 2.1 and 2.2.

I also created a cool boat/Titanic inquiry project outline that tied into this unit as well.

The students researched the Titanic using books, articles, and websites. I created QR codes for the kids to scan with their iPads that took them to fact websites and videos. When the students found a fact, they copied it onto a recipe card which was later glued onto the Titanic drawing. While some kids researched, others took turns drawing a large picture of the Titanic. They copied it from pictures and had to research and include key details (ec. how many windows, floors, smokestacks, etc.). \

Students also built their own boats using what they learned in this unit.



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