Contribution to other’s learning

One of the things that I loved most about this class was the supportive atmosphere. I liked that classmates were always helping each other and checking on each other's progress. When other people commented on my blog posts, or replied to my tweets, it made me feel like I wasn't just making posts that would... Continue Reading →


Summary of Learning

For my summary of learning, I used a combination of Tellagami  and iMovie.  Both of these tools are very user friendly and easy to use! The only downside of using these tools is that you need to have a Mac or other apple product. I made my video on my iPad and had no trouble... Continue Reading →

Social Activism Online

Questions: Can online social activism be meaningful and worthwhile? Is it possible to have productive conversations about social justice online? Answers: Yes and Yes. (This article gives a good background explanation of online social activism and how it is used.) Online social activism can be meaningful and worthwhile. I believe that using online spaces as... Continue Reading →

Digital Citizenship in My Future Classroom

Digital citizenship is something that I foresee being important in my future classroom. It can be defined as, "the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use" ( Ribble has categorized digital citizenship into 9 different categories:     Teaching digital citizenship will be important in my classroom because I plan on... Continue Reading →

Online Shaming

This week I watched The Sextortion of Amanda Todd and Monica Lewinsky's TED talk, The Price of Shame.   In both cases, I think that the internet played an integral part in the public shaming that they endured. The internet made it a possibility for their shaming to be spread around the world. Before the internet age,... Continue Reading →

My Digital Identity

As a future teacher, I think it's important to have a positive and professional digital identity. Lately, I have been making my personal social media accounts less public. I also have been trying to grow my PLN. The experience of googling someone and trying to find out as much as possible about them was a... Continue Reading →

Tech in My Daily Life, and The Evolution of Memes

Listening to Dr. Alec Couros talk about the evolution of technology made me realize how integral technology is in my everyday life. Dr. Couros showed us how technology has evolved throughout time. This made me realize how fast technology has evolved. It wasn't very long ago that chalkboards or projectors were seen as innovative. As... Continue Reading →

Powtoon Review

 Powtoon was the tool that I chose to review. It is a site that provides templates for making presentations.  Immediately, I was impressed by its ease of use and customizable options. I loved that there were so many ready-to-use templates to choose from. I could use the preset text or change it to my own.... Continue Reading →

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