Summary of Learning

Hi everyone! This link will bring you to the Summary of Learning that Sydney and I created together. Please have a look and let me know what you think. It feels great to finish the first class of my masters. I had so much fun learning with all of you this semester and hope to... Continue Reading →

Finally, A Final Course Walkthrough!

Sydney and I created a course on Increasing Patterns designed for Grade 2. We imagined this course to be something that we could use in our own classrooms. The modules we made are intended to be supplemental to what is being taught in class.  If you are looking for a walkthrough of our course and... Continue Reading →

Building an Online Community

I am going to start by saying that I honestly had a hard time connecting this week's readings to the course that I have created with Sydney. This is because we designed the course to be supplemental and not a fully online delivered course. We imagined that students would primarily be completing their learning within... Continue Reading →

Wine and Bottles

“Old wine can still be good wine, whether the bottle is new or not. What matters is whether classroom design meets the changing needs of a digital age. However, just adding technology to the mix, or delivering the same design online, does not automatically result in meeting changing needs.” Automatically this metaphor grabbed my attention... Continue Reading →

It’s Me, Stacey!

Hi everyone! My name is Stacey Mamer. I am a Grade 2 teacher from Humboldt, SK. I have taught grades 2-5 but I LOVE Grade 2. I graduated from the University of Regina in December of 2017 and accepted a teaching position for that upcoming January. This means that I have just completed my fifth... Continue Reading →

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