Wrapping up the magical cooking

I had so much fun baking things from the Harry Potter series. I was sooooo amazed at how much information is on the internet about this topic!

Here are a few sites that I found that had lots of learning opportunities on this topic:

  1. pop sugar
  2. community table
  3. good to know

Learning from the internet was a great experience for me. Often when I am baking, my first instinct is to look at a cook book. By only using the internet, I had to leave my comfort zone and try new learning methods. Literally every possible thing I wanted to create from the Harry Potter series was already on the internet and I had no trouble finding things with a quick google or Pintrest search.

Another thing that I liked about learning from the web was that if I had any questions, I could quickly search for the answers. This included learning how long to microwave chocolate for, or how to cut butter into pasty using only knives.


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