Contribution to other’s learning

One of the things that I loved most about this class was the supportive atmosphere. I liked that classmates were always helping each other and checking on each other’s progress. When other people commented on my blog posts, or replied to my tweets, it made me feel like I wasn’t just making posts that would never be read!

I honestly will say that I should have done a better job with commenting on my classmate’s blogs. I often read blog posts but felt like I had nothing to add, especially when the blog posts were about learning projects where I had zero expertise. I really did enjoy reading the blogs though and watching how much my classmates learned throughout the semester.

Here are some of the comments that I made on blog posts:

blog proof



blog proof 2
blog proof 3


ecmp learning proof

I liked using Twitter to share my learning and to interact with other students. Here are a few of my Twitter interactions:

twitter proof 1twitter prof 5twitter ;porf 6twitter prof 7

twitter proof 4

twitter prof 3


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