Today I made chocolate frogs and they were so so soooooo cool. I am so happy with how they turned out.

Before starting this project, I ordered chocolate frog molds off of Amazon and waited for them to arrive. This is an alternative  set of Harry Potter chocolate molds that looks so so cool and I seriously considered ordering it until I snapped out of it and realized I couldn’t justify paying $78.24 on Harry Potter chocolate molds.. hahaha

After the chocolate molds came in the mail, I printed templates for the chocolate frog boxes and cards.

Here is where I found the template for the chocolate frog boxes. I printed these in colour on cardstock paper so that the box would be a bit more sturdy.


Here is where I found the printable chocolate frog cards. You can’t have chocolate frogs without the collectible cards!


The chocolate that I used for the chocolate frogs was just large chocolate bars. I bought a milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and a white chocolate bar.


I started with the milk chocolate bar, broke it into smaller pieces, then microwaved it for a minute and a half. I chose to microwave it because it would be quicker, but using a double boiler would work too. If you don’t have a double boiler, this technique would work too.

After the chocolate was melted, I spooned it into the chocolate frog molds and levels them off with a spoon. I repeated these steps for all 3 kinds of chocolate. Something weird happened when I tried to melt the white chocolate, it just turned brown and didn’t melt, so I had to throw it in the garbage. After the chocolate was in the molds, I put the mold in the fridge to set.

whitre choc.jpg
This is what happened to the white chocolate 😦

As the chocolate was setting, I began to make the chocolate frog box and cards. I cut out the box template and folded along the lines. I used  a glue gun to glue the box together because it would dry quickest. Then I cut out an Albus Dumbledore card and glued each side together. I put the card into the bottom of the box.

After the chocolate frogs had set, I put one into the box and put the lid on top.

box 1

Voila!! Awesome



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