Summary of Learning

For my summary of learning, I used a combination of Tellagami  and iMovie. 

Both of these tools are very user friendly and easy to use! The only downside of using these tools is that you need to have a Mac or other apple product. I made my video on my iPad and had no trouble at all. I even did a test run of Tellagami using my phone and it was really easy.

Tellagami- easy to use, customizable characters, moveable characters, changeable backgrounds, the option to add text or voice.

I added my audio recordings that I used in my video right on the Tellagami app. It was easy to add and was quite clear. This tool produces such cute results and I love that the “gami” moves to the audio recording as though it is actually speaking. The only complaint I have about this tool is that the audio can only run for 30 seconds at a time on the free version. This made it so that I had a limited amount of time to speak about each topic.

iMovie- easy, user friendly. Can use photos, videos, audio recordings, music, sound effects, text, and more. This is very easy to use and I had no trouble customizing my video to the way that I wanted. Since Tellagami only allowed me to record 30 seconds at a time, iMovie worked well to connect the videos together. I also added background music by actually buying a song (I’m On My Way- The Proclaimers) on iTunes and adding it on iMovie.


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  1. This is really enjoyable to watch. Well laid out and has a fluidity that is calming. I feel your pain about the 30 second cut off. I, too, experienced this when I was doing voice overs for my summary post using Adobe Spark. Tellagami is awfully cute. I see you were able to find a model of you. The background music you picked had a nice rhythm. Everything pulled together nicely. Well done!!—ecmp-355/summary-of-learning


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