Social Activism Online

Questions: Can online social activism be meaningful and worthwhile? Is it possible to have productive conversations about social justice online?

Answers: Yes and Yes.

(This article gives a good background explanation of online social activism and how it is used.)

Online social activism can be meaningful and worthwhile. I believe that using online spaces as platforms for social justice can be successful. This Forbes article is basically a recipe for success with online social justice. I think that if the cause is meaningful to a group of people, it has the potential to be successful. Using online spaces makes it easier to connect with people who believe in the same cause.

I think it is possible to have productive conversations about social justice online. So many of today’s interactions take place online. Why can’t those interactions be directed towards social justice issues? By using online spaces as sites to connect with others, you are going to find other people who care about the same issues as you.

In the post, “In online spaces, silence speaks as loudly as words” ,  Katia proposes that not speaking up about social issues online spreads the message that one does not care about the issue. I agree with this statement. I believe that as an educator, it is my responsibility to share and help make a change around social justice issues. The Internet is a great platform to connect other people to these causes and can be used to mass share information to people who would otherwise know nothing on some issues. Instead of being worried about people not agreeing with me, I think that even if I upset people by sharing posts regarding issues of social justice, that it will get people talking about the issue. I think that the first step of many causes begins with opening up a conversation about them and educating people. Sometimes making people uncomfortable is the best way to help them learn. Some people need to be pushed from their comfort zones and into the real world where there are real issues and real changes that need to be made.

In her post, Katia wrote, “We have a responsibility to risk our privilege to give voice to social inequities and injustices. We have a responsibility to risk our privilege to give voice to those who have no privilege to risk.” 

I agree with this quote because I think that teachers have a responsibility to be advocates for those without voices. The position of privilege that I have leaves me the responsibility to use that privilege for good.


4 thoughts on “Social Activism Online

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  1. You state many great points, I am very glad that you feel passionately about being able to speak your voice, yet I still do not know if I agree with the fact that if you don’t speak up it means that you don’t care.
    I care very deeply about certain issues and in my daily walk stand up for injustices, and I would in my classroom, but not online. I have not decided why or why not, that is a tension I am wrestling with right now. I don’t appreciate how the comments and banter go online at times, and I feel people go too far with the comments on either side.


    1. Hi jacquie! I do agree with you that sometimes online the comments go too far.. I think that some people become a lot braver behind a computer screen which isn’t always for the best.


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