Powtoon Review

 Powtoon was the tool that I chose to review. It is a site that provides templates for making presentations.  Immediately, I was impressed by its ease of use and customizable options. I loved that there were so many ready-to-use templates to choose from. I could use the preset text or change it to my own. I would recommend this tool in an education setting for both the use of teachers and students. This tool would be great to provide structure for students when making presentations. Powtoon is straightforward and provides instructions and tutorials for everything making it friendly for students. I wish I had known about this tool earlier because I would have used it for one of the many presentations and projects I have done in the Elementary Education Program!

Setting up my Powtoon account was super simple. All I did was clicked “sign up with Facebook” and then I had to confirm my account through email. Once I had confirmed my account. it gave me the option to make a Powtoon for work, education, or personal. For the sake of this review and this class, I chose the educational option. Then Powtoon gave me the option to customize a popular template, build scene by scene, or to start from scratch. I liked that it had options to help scaffold users into creating a Powtoon. I chose the option to customize a popular template because I am brand new to this tool. I also really liked that there was a step-by-step list of what to do for new users included. Pictured:powtoon.png

I then had the choice to choose templates for teacher, student, or all. I chose teacher. There were many template options and I chose “Teacher Intro.” This template proved to be a very easy and straightforward template to fill out about myself, as a teacher. I thought this template was really cute and easy to use. There were several options for characters to use in the presentation but I couldn’t really find one that looked like me; I would have preferred to be able to customize a character.

Aside from that, this tool is very customizable. The user can choose fonts, words, characters, objects, sounds, add a voiceover, length of slides, backgrounds, and transitions. I added a voiceover to my first few slides. When I went to export the presentation, it gave me an abundance of easy sharing options. I chose to export it to YouTube so it would be easier for me to share it on this post. This was so easy to do and here is the quick, example presentation that I made:









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