Discovering Feedly

Just recently, I downloaded the Feedly reader. This is my first experience with an RSS reader and I am trying my best to figure it out. When I first downloaded Feedly, I was not subscribed to any blogs or sources so I needed to find some. At first, I decided to search “ Educational Technology” because I am doing this for an ed computers class.

One thing that I subscribed to right away was Edutopia RSS. This page has lots of posts about varying educational topics. I like Edutopia because it provides information on things I never would have thought to search on my own but are all relevant to me as a future educator.

After going through the Edutopia blog posts, I followed a few more educational blogs such as Ted-Ed and Free Technology for teachers. After going through some educational blogs I was not really sure what else to subscribe to. I decided to subscribe to some basic news pages as well so that I am updated on current events.

feedly screen
Here is a screenshot of my Feedly reader. I also just learned how to screenshot on pc. 

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    1. Hi Tanya! I haven’t connected my Feedly to my Twitter as of yet. I am not sure how Feedly would be in managing Twitter! So far, my Twitter isn’t very busy because I haven’t followed very many people yet.


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